A stack of five books labeled with "SUPPORT," "ADVICE," "ASSISTANCE," "GUIDANCE," "HELP," next to a cup of coffee, a small notepad, colorful paper clips, and pencils on a wooden surface.

At Crossroads Counselling we provide individually tailored sessions for children, adolescents and adults. This process is collaborative, client-centered and focused on the individual concerns and goals of the client.


Our team draw from a wide range of skills and expertise and are experienced in dealing with issues related to the following areas:

Depression and Bi-polar disorder
Anxiety (all types)
Eating Disorders
Stress Management
Domestic violence
Trauma – recent or childhood
Bereavement, dying and other losses
Chronic Pain
Adjustment to change
Relationship Issues
Emotion Regulation

Life doesn’t have to be travelled alone.
When you face a crossroad we are here to compassionately listen and guide.